Dynamic pixel 3D cameras

Our pocket-sized cameras can enhance pixel resolution by 128x with no mechanical scanning. We enable machines to see the world built for humans. LightCode’s patent-pending single-pixel imaging technology can help autonomous vehicles, warehouse logistics, and smart city solutions to become safe at scale. 

LightCode Photonics is a science-intensive deep tech company developing breakthrough technology for smart machines

We imagine a world, where routine work is automated and robots are handling tasks from city maintenance to parcel delivery, dangerous rescue missions and docking in space. 

Thus we are rethinking image acquisition and solving 3D imaging in a completely new way - via intelligent perception. LightCode Photonics is transforming 3D imaging from human-like perception to robotic vision - we are building the 3D camera using dynamic pixels. 

Our innovative approach enables us to empower the existing sensors with software-defined capability and provide 3D sensing using accessible COTS components at a scale

The impact of 3D imaging is like the global transformation of the economy from paper-based to digital.


Camera-like wide-angle 3D imaging

Outstanding performance in the dark and during the day

No gaps between the pixels

Detecting light and dark objects smaller than the pixel size

Optimized data rate and post-processing

Robust and resilient solid-state technology

We enable smart machines to see the world built for humans!

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