Lightcode photonics & Intel Ignite

The fourth cohort of startups for the Intel Ignite program is announced; 10 deep tech startups get the nod for Intel Ignite’s accelerator program. LightCode Photonics is proudly part of the chosen team from 282 companies.

Intel® Ignite, Intel Corporation’s acceleration program for early-stage deep tech startups, today announced 10 startups selected for the fourth cohort in Munich, Germany. The 12-week program began on Nov. 14. 

The startups are developing highly innovative technologies that could positively change lives in a few years. Innovations coming out of the Intel Ignite program include making autonomous driving safer, reducing the energy consumption of hardware and cloud data centers, accelerating and improving AI algorithms, making artificial intelligence more transparent and many others.

Intel Ignite was launched in 2019. The program in Europe, based in Munich, was first announced in September 2020. For 12 weeks, the innovative startups work intensively with technology experts from Intel, as well as investors, entrepreneurs, serial founders and leading industry experts to accelerate their growth.

Co-creation for Most Promising Deep Tech Startups from Europe

More than 260 European startups applied for the current program, with 85 going through extensive due diligence by the Intel Ignite team together with Intel technology experts. In the end, the 10 most promising startups with the most disruptive technologies were selected. Although still in the early stage, the selected startups have already raised more than 8 million euros each in capital from renowned investors. 

Starting Nov. 14, the teams will work together with the experts of the Intel Ignite network, which includes multiple successful serial founders and venture capital investors. 

Specifically, the 10 startups will receive tailored mentoring for the 12 weeks, including industry expert mentorship on fundraising, go-to-market strategy, marketing and sales, and technology and product development, as well as a focus on key topics such as mental health, the value of diversity and inclusion, and managing the dynamics between founders. 

At the same time, Intel Ignite welcomes 10 new startups to its programs in Tel Aviv, Israel, and its newest location in Boston, Massachusetts, in the U.S. In total, Intel Ignite already has over 120 startups that form part of the Intel Ignite alumni.

’We are Looking for Global Champions’

“The Intel Ignite program has a strong track record in the delivery of industry-leading mentorship to some of the world’s most exciting startup businesses,” said Markus Bohl, Intel Ignite Europe managing director.

"The current selection process was once again a fascinating glimpse into the future – we have seen how deep tech can change the world for the better. In our European program, we have already been able to help more than 30 teams bring their technologies to product maturity faster and raise the corresponding growth financing.”

About Intel Ignite

Launched in 2019, the Intel® Ignite program supports founders whose goal is to change the world for the better using disruptive technology. The 12-week program focuses on all aspects critical to the success of early-stage startups. Global business and technology leaders individually mentor the startups to further accelerate their growth and enable them to successfully realize their breakthrough ideas.

The Intel Ignite accelerator program for startups in Israel has seen 58 startups participate to date, with another 30 in Europe, and 10 more startups selected at the newest location in the U.S.: Boston, Massachusetts. For information, visit