Elevate Autonomy with Cutting-Edge 3D Imaging Technology

Our revolutionary dToF (direct Time-of-Flight) 3D cameras are designed to address the industry challenges head-on, offering a cutting-edge solution that elevates the capabilities of your autonomous robots and vehicles.

TrueSight 1.0 is available for pre-orders now!

Our Unique Solution

Autonomous robots and vehicles represent the future of innovation, offering unparalleled efficiency and convenience. However, the autonomy of these machines goes hand in hand with the imperative of safety. One of the pivotal elements in ensuring the safety of autonomous systems is the availability of high-quality 3D data that can serve as the eyes and ears of the machines, enabling them to perceive and interact with their surroundings effectively.

LightCode Photonics is at the forefront of revolutionizing the world of autonomous robotics and vehicles. Our mission is to enable the safe and seamless operation of autonomous machines, and we believe that achieving functional safety is the key to unlocking their full potential.

Designed for service robots

TrueSight 1.0 is the first LightCode Photonics' dToF 3D camera. Our developed 3D cameras enable service robots to see the world built for humans and to facilitate the implementation of high-confidence and computationally efficient object detection and SLAM solutions. TrueSight 1.0 3D camera utilizes a novel imaging approach to obtain 3D images without mechanical scanning while enhancing the native resolution of the SPAD detector more than 100x.

At LightCode Photonics, we believe that exceptional safety is not a luxury;
it's a necessity for every automated moving object. 

Join us in shaping the future of autonomy, where safety is the driving force behind innovation. Explore our cutting-edge solutions and discover how LightCode Photonics can elevate the capabilities of your autonomous robots and vehicles.

Unlock the Power of Autonomous Safety with LightCode Photonics.

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