9. February 2023

LightCode Photonics, which grew out of the University of Tartu, is a true example of the fact that Estonian researchers increasingly understand that new knowledge must be exchanged for social benefit and money.

19. January 2023

Our founders Jan Bogdanov and Andreas Valdmann gave some insight on LightCode Photonics, the problem we help to solve, and the solution we have to offer for the world.

14. November 2022

The fourth cohort of startups for the Intel Ignite program is announced; 10 deep tech startups get the nod for Intel Ignite’s accelerator program. LightCode Photonics is proudly part of the chosen team from 282 companies. 

28. October 2022

This blog post isn't a guide for investors or startups. It’s rather a discussion, triggered by the thoughts that came out during the panel discussion, organized by European Space Agency (ESA) Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Estonia. The panel topic was as easy as the headline of this piece- attracting investment in deep tech. 

7.  October 2022

LightCode Photonics received two awards - Tartu Science Park's company of the year and the title of the most outstanding start-up company by the sTARTUp Day.

27. September 2022

LightCode Photonics received a €1.6 million grant from the applied research program, created by Enterprise Estonia (EAS) and KredEX joint institution, to develop several innovations further, and to bring it’s first flagship product TrueSight SD3D camera to the global market.

6. September 2022

LightCode Photonics picked up a €200k EstBAN-led syndicate investment from the sTARTUp Pitching 2022 competition. The University of Tartu spin-off, founded in 2020 by four physicists, is on a mission to change how robots see the world. Read from our blog how they are going to do that.

31. August 2022

Female CEOs do a better job at launching complex products because they are more focused, more persistent, and ready to receive more negative answers, Martin Goroško, lead investor of the ESTBAN business angel network syndicate, expressed his opinion in the "Triniti on Air" program.

10. August 2022

LightCode Photonics, a deep tech start-up that grew out of a research project of the University of Tartu, won the main prize of the prestigious MIT Enterprise Forum Greece program for technology companies, in Greece.