PodcasT | ALGORÜTM: robots' eyes are too expensive, and Lightcode has a solution

Our founders Jan Bogdanov and Andreas Valdmann gave some insight on LightCode Photonics, the problem we help to solve, and the solution we have to offer for the world.

"The world is rapidly developing self-driving robots, let them be cars, military machines, or waiters. However, our guests on today's show noticed that they all have one problem: robots' eyes are too expensive. "

This is how the deep tech company LightCode Photonics was born, whose goal is to develop a completely new technology to replace lidars, which would enable autonomous robots to accurately perceive their surroundings. You will hear how they do it, how crazy the accuracy of the measurements required for this sounds, and what it all has to do with mosquitoes and Tiit Paananen dressed in a bush costume."

The Algorithm podcast is run by Priit Liivak from Nortal, Martin Kapp from Pipedrive, and Tiit Paananen from Veriff. The show is in Estonian, but if you have some questions, we are happy to discuss them.

Listen to the Podcast in here: LINK