TrueSight 1.0

Medium-range 3D dToF camera

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TrueSight 1.0 is designed for service robots

Service robots help to solve the increasing labor shortage and high operating costs in various industries, including warehouses, shops, hospitals, etc. However, their operational efficiency, speed, and safety need to be improved so they can be better at their day-to-day tasks. Existing 3D solutions have either the required performance or scalability, but not both and this is where LightCode Photonics TrueSight 3D cameras come into play. TrueSight 1.0 camera focuses on helping to resolve today's and future tasks for service robots, including autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), in indoor conditions. 


Engineered for unparalleled precision, TrueSight 1.0 excels in object detection and tracking, making it an indispensable asset for security, surveillance and industrial automation. Whether you're exploring unknown environments or optimizing logistics within a controlled space, our camera delivers accurate mapping and navigation, ensuring efficient and reliable operations.  Our technology extends its utility to volumetric measurements, providing precise data crucial for logistics, manufacturing and healthcare industries. Be it through enabling teleoperation or reliable presence detection, TrueSight 1.0 opens up a world of possibilities to revolutionize diverse applications across various industries.

Object detection and tracking

Mapping and navigation

Unique Aspects

TrueSight 1.0 has been carefully designed to elevate the capabilities of service robots, introducing a new era of precision and adaptability. From effortless object detection to cost-effective sensor design, the unparalleled features of TrueSight 1.0 set itself apart in the realm of service robots. 

Detection of difficult-to-detect objects

TrueSight 1.0 camera is able to detect up to 3 returns per pixel, meaning even the smallest, darkest, or semi-transparent objects will be detected. In addition, using a sensitive SPAD detector gives an extraordinarily good signal-to-noise ratio, reducing the false alarm rate.

Combining 3D + mature RGB imaging

TrueSight 1.0 camera integrates LightCode 3D camera technology and 2D RGB into one hardware, ensuring the best alignment and facilitating the implementation of high-confidence and computationally efficient object detection and SLAM solutions.

Simultaneous acquisition of multi-resolution depth images

TrueSight 1.0 camera will acquire 3D data with different resolutions at multiple framerates. Higher framerate for obstacle avoidance and safety and higher resolution for object recognition and tasks that require high precision, for example, volumetric measurements.

Compact and robust device

TrueSight 1.0 solid state operation guarantees long-lifecycle and durability even in the toughest conditions. Compact size allows mounting the camera inside a robot without any bulky protruding parts. 

Sensor cost enabling scalability to fleets

TrueSight 1.0 camera will be accessible for every robot platform and enable the scalability for autonomous operation in demanding environments. 

Improve the sensor resolution more than 100x

LightCode Photonics' TrueSight 1.0 3D camera uses LightCode's patent-pending IP to increase the native resolution of the otherwise low-resolution highly-sensitive SPAD detector. By default, the detector's native resolution is increased, but not limited to an increase of 128 times by using spatially modulated light fields without mechanical scanning.  Additionally, the resolution increase factor can be modified to be higher or lower in the cost of frame acquisition times. 

Figure 1. Original scene setup.

Figure 2. Illustration of the native depth output of TrueSight 1.0 12-pixel SPAD detector.

Figure 3. Illustration of the final depth image of TrueSight 1.0 with 1536 pixels.




Hardware interfaces



Software support

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